The commune’s name is official since 1995. It combines the commune’s old name, Thollon, with Mémises, which refers to the mountain that overlooks the commune.
The very first mention of the village dates back to the 11th century with Duas Partes Tholonaei, then two centuries later Tolhono and Tholons in 1246. The toponym appears to derive from the local word “taula, taule, tola, toula, toule” to describe a terrace, or a flat area, or from the Latin tullum to describe a small hill. The presence of the suffix -on could come from the old French word tolon, which corresponds to a mound like a hill.

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    Religious Heritage

    There is religious heritage all across Thollon-Les-Mémises’ municipality like there is in most of the Chablais communes.

    Parish Church

    Dedicated to St Michel-Archange and consecrated in 1825, it has a square chancel and a nave with 2 bays. The bell tower has 5 bells and is built above the chancel. Open daily.

    The Oratories

    During your walks you will come across many oratories: Chez Cachat (1865), Chez les Vesin (1865), the Nouy (1837), the Vernes, Chez les Aires (1945), the Maravent (1996), the Hucel (1955), Lajoux (1860), Vers Lajoux (1983) and near to the Grand Roc (1863).